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The Large Area Maskless Microfabrication Approach (LAMMA) project.

This project has received funding from the European Union, as part of the EUREKA Eurostars 3, and by the UK government through Innovate UK.

Project Title: Large Area Maskless Microfabrication Approach (LAMMA)
Project Reference: E!1447
Project Partners: Photosynthetic, Netherlands –
Nemaura Pharma Limited, UK –

Project LAMMA has set out to develop a microfabrication technology that has the potential to disrupt the innovation and production processes of systems at a micro-scale. The technology can be seen as a micro-3D printer capable of reaching a resolution of around 0.2 micron while outperforming most existing technologies by up to 50 times in speed with greater precision and geometric freedom. The technology can potentially be deployed in a wide range of valuable micro-scale products: micro-sensors, bio-scaffolds, micro-lenses, photonic circuits, microfluidics, and metamaterials, which are used by large and rapidly growing industries: production of smartphones, lighting, cameras, data processing centres, cell research, tissue regeneration and artificial organs, point-of-care diagnostics, and drug development.

As part of the scope of this project, the LAMMA technology is being deployed to produce a patented microneedle platform consisting of very precise and specific geometries, designed for drug delivery applications (cosmetics, pain management, cancer therapy, hormonal delivery, and vaccine administration), that may support self-administration, patient compliance, and increased efficacy of drugs through improved self-administration.